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Green Brook Roofers

Green Brook Roofers shouldn’t make you pay the total up front, although they may ask for a deposit. Also, you shouldn’t get a last-minute notification about payment requirements; they should lay it all out right in the beginning. The payment plan agreed upon in your contract should be straightforward, and your roofing contractor should stay true to the terms throughout the project.

Green Brook Roofers

Any reputable roofing company should take care to position the dumpster away from landscaping that could be ruined by falling debris. They shouldn’t trample your flower beds or bother your neighbors. Even though your property is a work site, they shouldn’t treat it like one. They should use cardboard or plywood to protect your pathways and driveway and they should be sure to ask you about any fragile sprinkler systems or landscape structures before work begins.

Somerset County Roofers

Figuring out who the top Somerset County roofers are isn’t always easy. There are countless contractors out there claiming to be the best, so how can one know who really is the cream of the crop? Below are some signs to look for that would indicate reputable and...