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Cranbury Roofers

All good Cranbury Roofers should have a general liability policy, and if they have employees, should also have a worker’s compensation policy, and they should have no problem showing you these documents. If a contractor is not willing to provide these documents, any injuries or accidents that occur while your roof is being repaired actually fall under your responsibility which can be extremely costly. Always make sure that your roofer has insurance.

Cranbury Roofers

If you’ve tried to contact the roofing contractor that you’ve hired and you’re unable to reach them, that is a sign that you’ve hired the wrong roofer. Additionally, if they aren’t arriving as scheduled, or are working inconsistent hours that weren’t agreed upon, this could also signal a less than reputable roofing contractor. 
Once you’ve agreed upon a date to start and finish your commercial roofing contract, they should be arriving on time and working consistent hours, and be easily accessible to you if they aren’t able to make it or you have questions.

Middlesex County Roofers

There are a bunch of Middlesex County roofers out there looking to be hired. However, some will do a much better job than others. A roofing job is a huge investment, and that last thing a homeowner would want is to get the job done poorly or get ripped off. Below are...